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PhoneHelpline : 98300-88984 / 98304-94152 / 82320-16059

Affiliation No : 2430097

School Code : 15610

    PhoneHelpline : 98300-88984 / 98304-94152 / 82320-16059

    Affiliation No : 2430097

    School Code : 15610

    FCS Secondary School Teaching Methods

    At FCS Secondary School, children are groomed to be expressive, articulate, spontaneous, analytical, independent, thorough with their curriculum and sound in the practical application of whatever they learn.

    The teachers at FCS hugely rely on innovative, effective and fun learning techniques which are crucial for all-round development of the students. The teaching objective at this stage is to strengthen their knowledge foundation and assist in their personality development so that they are prepared to accept the next level of challenge to move ahead

    Group Discussion

    Selection in top academic institutions or corporates is greatly hinged on the student’s ability to deal with the challenge of Group Discussion round. It puts to test the students’ communication skill, confidence, presence of mind, analytical skills and lucidity. At FCS, we conduct mock group discussion sessions on different types of topics so that the students are well prepared to deal with this pattern of evaluation from a very early stage of their lives.

    Debate Sessions

    Equipping students with debate skills is super important in FCS. The teachers focus on developing the ability for critical thinking, listening skill, communication, research, teamwork within students by actively engaging them in frequent inter-school and intra-school debate competitions.

    Role Plays

    Role-play exercises are given to the students to comprehend the application and implementation of their knowledge and skills in the real-life situations. Role plays also facilitate the development of self-awareness, problem solving, communication, initiative, and teamwork within students.

    Hands-on Physics Lessons

    At FCS, the complex concepts of Physics are taught to students by encouraging the spirit of inquisitiveness and experimentation. Hands-on activity based science classes help students to learn about different scientific phenomena by constructing their own interpretation of events triggered through their actions.

    Hands-on Biology Lessons

    To stimulate investigation and analysis, hands-on Biology lessons and lab experiments are extremely important. They learn to understand the dynamics of different life processes (both plants and animals), their reproduction and evolution. They also study and observe the response of varied plants and animals to different climatic conditions. The practical classes complement the theory classes and contribute towards a comprehensive understanding about the world of living organisms.

    Learning Geography with Globe

    Globes and maps are a crucial learning tools in social science classes like Geography, History and Civics. Globes help children understand where they live, where other places in the world are located, as well as learning the unique shape and the axis of the Earth. Globes are used as teaching aids in FCS to enable the understanding of relevance and perspective geographically, historically and culturally.

    Maths Lab Activity

    At FCS, we focus on the process of reaching mathematical solutions rather than mere transference of knowledge from the mind of the teachers to the notebooks of students. In our Mathematics Laboratory students get the right ambiance and stimulation where they can explore various mathematical patterns and concepts through collection of games and other interesting learning tools.

    Study Plant Population Density

    By using the quadrant measurement methodology the indigenous plant species of particular area is taken into account. In doing so we can understand the indigenous biodiversity in a particular area. At FCS, teachers introduce this quadrant measuring methodology to our secondary science students in order to enhance their scientific awareness and aptitude.

    IT and Computer Lessons

    At FCS, we ensure that along with improving the way students are taught, computers are deployed as their learning resources to improve their assignment quality and also become future ready. We are equipped with 40 PCs in our computer lab where students can learn certain basic internet and computer applications to build their foundation of technological skill.

    Model Making

    Studying arts helps young children in creative thinking, appreciation and expression. Through model making classes our art teachers help the children to develop their motor skills, visual learning, innovation, cultural awareness among others.

    Craft Class

    Kids love arts and crafts activities as they act as a great medium for expressing their creative thoughts and ideas. At FCS Secondary School, we use crafting classes to hone the communication, instruction comprehension and motor skills of the young learners.

    Art Class

    In FCS, the art classes are fun as they help children to showcase their creativity, confidence, focus etc. Art classes here are designed to help students express their inner thoughts and feelings, boost their emotional intelligence, increase memory, problem solving ability, and power of visualization.

    Smart Class

    At FCS, we are equipped with smart class to utilize the digital resources to make learning fun, interactive and engaging for students at all levels.

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