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    PhoneHelpline : 98300-88984 / 98304-94152 / 82320-16059

    FCS Primary School Assessment Rule

    At FCS Primary School, we follow two sets of assessment rules based on different class levels to achieve our academic goals with efficient management of student assessment and evaluation process.

    Classes I – II

    This academic year is divided into three terms which would spread over the year and at least three assessments would be made during the academic session.

    The academic year is divided into three terms:

    • Term I – April to July
    • Term II – August to November
    • Term III – December to March

    Evaluation of child’s progress is done on the basis of uniform assessments which include comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, conversation, concepts, activity, environment sensitivity, etc. Progress Reports are given to the parents at the end of each term.

    Classes III – V

    At this stage, each term will have two term end examinations Half yearly and Annual.

    The academic year is divided into two terms:

    • Term I – April to September
    • Term II – October to March

    In addition to this, they have two periodic tests: one held in July and the other in December. Assessments are rated in marks as well as grades as per the eight-point grading scale for the scholastic domain provided at the back of the report card.

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