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    PhoneHelpline : 98300-88984 / 98304-94152 / 82320-16059

    FCS Pre-Primary School Parents Speak

    Anindya Dey

    Father of Anurag Dey

    Class – UKG (A)

    My son is studying in Future Campus School for the last two years and I am extremely happy with the progress my son has made so far. The school faculty and staff members are very friendly and treat the children like their own. The teaching standard is high and my son got all the support he needed for his overall development. Also he has shown remarkable improvement in his school assessments especially in reading and writing. All his questions are answered promptly and patiently by his teachers. Over and above everything else my son really enjoys going to school every day.I honestly recommend this school to all my friends and family.

    Pampa Kayal Mistry

    Mother of Sridatta Kayal Mistry

    Class – LKG (A)

    Excellent school with great facilities. Wonderful bonding between teachers and students. As parents we receive great advice and insights from the FCS teachers for the benefit and improvement of our child.

    Prasanta Mondal

    Father of Ritisha Mondal

    Class – UKG (A)

    I feel privileged that my daughter is studying in the Future Campus School. I believe this school is a great place for my daughter’s learning. The school campus is clean, the teachers and staff members are courteous and cooperative. My daughter is always eager to attend the school regularly and shows keen interest towards school assignments. The school takes extra care to protect the individuality of the students and bring about their holistic personality development. Teachers are ever willing to meet the parents based on prior appointments to answer their doubts or queries related to their child’s development.

    Soma Chakraborty

    Mother of Shrinika Chakraborty

    Class – UKG (A)

    I believe that school is the second home of a child. I consider myself to be a fortunate mother who can proudly say that my daughter Shrinika really loves her second home none less than her first one. It is really due to the loving and caring teachers as well as the creative technique adopted by the Future Campus School to inculcate basic education in a tender mind. In contrast to the popular trend, at FCS academic study has never become a burden for the students or their guardians. The total atmosphere in Future Campus School is imbued with a sweet fragrance of care, cooperation and commitment. I don’ t desire anything more from a school. Thank you, Future Campus School Team!

    Anindita Mukherjee

    Mother of Eenesh Ghosh

    Class – UKG (A)

    My son Eenesh is just 4 and half year’s old, and at this level the foremost thing I expect is that he gets the best possible care, and best possible learning in every aspect. And he surely is getting that.I find his teachers very caring, attentive to even the smallest issue that can bother my child. They share their concerns with the parents in detail at the Parent Teachers Meets.The attendants are caring too. When the small kids visibly love the attendants, it’s obvious that they are doing a great job.

    So, all in all, till now, I am happy with FCS. And so is my son. Hoping for the best in future as well.

    Avik Banerjee

    Father of Adhiraj Banerjee

    Class – LKG (B)

    Since Admission to Future Campus School (FCS), my son Adhiraj Banerjee has developed in so many ways. He is more confident and balanced now and is excited to go to school every day. The teachers are very approachable and he loves all FCS team members very much. I am very pleased and happy with the teaching approach, caring environment, learning discipline of FCS. I am glad that he is enjoying the co-curricular activities organised by the school as well. I and my entire family are thankful to the FCS team for helping Avik to become a disciplined and a well-balanced personality.

    Titash Saha

    Mother of Gopama Saha

    Class – LKG (B)

    Future Campus School has facilitated a holistic development of my child. From academics to sports to extracurricular activities, everything is given equal weightage in this school. The school infrastructure is mind boggling. The teachers are always there by the students’ side to guide to them when in doubt and need. Moreover, the students’ get plenty of opportunity to showcase their talents. Our daughter is showing great improvement socially and academically. She can recognize letters and numbers in such a short span of time. The class teachers are brilliant!

    We are very pleased with Future Campus School and earnestly thank the school team for the great build-up of our child.!

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