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    PhoneHelpline : 98300-88984 / 98304-94152 / 82320-16059

    FCS Primary School Parents Speak

    Satyajit Pahari

    Father of Swapnil Pahari

    Class – III (A)

    Just a quick note to express my heartfelt gratitude towards your Institution for what has been excellent years academically, socially and on the sports field for our Swapnil. It’s been a joy to watch him flourish as he has. The nurturing school environment is exactly what he needed. Under your guidance and support Swapnil has received several Gold, Silver & Bronze medals in Olympiad exams. The recent gold medal he won in the English Olympiad was one of his major achievements which we are proud of.

    I am aware it’s not easy for you but I feel I need to share this with you. You are doing much more than you should and are assigned to do. I highly appreciate that and I am grateful for everything. You are helping them to be better people and leaders.

    I really appreciate your dedication and pray that God gives you much more strength and courage to do what you’re destined to do.

    Dr Amit Bhowmik & Dr Tina Roy Bhowmik

    Parents of Akansha Bhowmik

    Class – V (A)

    Our daughter got admitted in the Future Campus School (FCS) last year and our opinion is based on the observations since then. The Future Campus School is unique in its own way.

    The teachers play a vital part in developing a student’s character by safeguarding their interests and guiding them towards success. In other words, they play the role of parents when children are away from their homes.

    Our daughter was given the responsibility of class monitor which made her more confident and eventually contributed towards her overall performance. We are thankful for that.

    The best part of the Team Future Education Group is that it has got its own engineering and management colleges where FCS students can continue their higher studies after they pass out from the school.

    Supriya Mondal

    Father of Rajanya Mondal

    Class – IV (B)

    My child is very happy in Future Campus School (FCS). The school environment is safe and Rajanya is making good progress here. She receives appropriate homework for her age. The FCS team is very dedicated and works tirelessly to provide engaging, exciting learning opportunities for our children and to ensure their happiness and well- being.

    This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved and deals effectively with misconduct and indiscipline. The school management is responsive to the feedback we give as parents. I receive valuable insights from the teachers about my child’s progress. I will recommend this school to other parents as well.

    Snehashish Purkait

    Father of Swashrita Purkait

    Class – IV (C)

    I am fortunate enough to admit my daughter to a reputed school like Future Campus School. The revision test before half yearly examination conducted by you has effectively helped my child adapt to the actual examination pattern. Moreover, you share the corrected answer scripts with the students and their parents which is also an extremely helpful practice for improving their learning process.

    Events like Grandparents’ Day, Independence Day and Teachers’ Day help the children to imbibe social values. They learn to value their relations, history, community and country and understand their responsibilities towards them. You encourage them to participate in different community work campaigns and help underprivileged people. Continuous cultural, sports, competitions and other co-curricular engagement activities create a holistic learning atmosphere for them. The parents are involved in their child’s developmental process through Open House sessions. Overall the school creates a meaningful learning experience for its students.

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