PhoneHelpline : 98300-88984 / 98304-94152 / 82320-16059

    PhoneHelpline : 98300-88984 / 98304-94152 / 82320-16059

    FCS Secondary School Curriculum

    In the FCS Secondary School, the curriculum is tailored to suit the specific learning needs, interests, passion and talents of the learners at this stage. The curriculum is extensive as well as wide angled so that it inspires them to expand their intellectual boundaries in their educational journey.

    To keep the curriculum relevant and customized as per the learners’ abilities, the secondary school curriculum is divided into four distinct parts that is in sync with the different layers of classes under FCS Secondary School section. The curriculum for Classes – IX and X are more extensive than other classes and therefore divided into two volumes for convenience of the students.

    In all the classes, we broadly and primarily focus on the following subjects:

    • English
    • Vernacular
    • Mathematics
    • Social Science
    • Science
    • Pre-Vocational Education

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