PhoneHelpline : 98300-88984 / 98304-94152 / 82320-16059

    PhoneHelpline : 98300-88984 / 98304-94152 / 82320-16059

    Admission Guidelines

    We appreciate your interest in the Future Campus School (FCS) and look forward to your joining the Futurite community.

    The guiding parameters of admission to the Future Campus School are given below:

    • A guardian, who wishes to admit a child to any class, should first obtain a copy of the Prospectus and a Registration Form from the school office.
    • The name of the student should then be registered by filling and submitting the Registration Form to the School office. This, however, only ensures a call for an interview or an admission test and does not guarantee admission.
    • A guardian could also fill up the online registration form and submit the same with an amount of Rs. 500/- Click for Online Form.
    • The guardian will then be informed of the date of interview / admission test.
    • Both the parents of the child should be present at the interview. If for any reason one of the parents or both of them is unable to attend the interview, the information and reason of their absence should be communicated in writing to the School office well in advance.
    • Any recommendation for admission will automatically disqualify a student for admission to the school.

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